FAQ: Body Combat

Body Combat is the empowering, martial arts inspired fitness class that is fast becoming one of the most popular workout classes in the world.

What is Body Combat?
Body Combat is high-powered exercise class. The energetic cardio workout features elements of martial arts and is set to a fantastic soundtrack. Formed under the name Les Mills International; Mills’s son Phillip developed a number of group exercise programmes that were set to music, including Body Combat.

What does it actually involve?
Each session lasts one hour and features 10 songs, which you kick, punch, strike and jump along to, all whilst following a director at the front of the class.

What are the benefits?
Taking part in Body Combat will burn calories, improve your heart and lung functions, will help you tone and shape and improve your  core strength.  It will work your whole body, as the moves involved use all of your muscles.

Will I be fit enough to take part?
Body Combat is for everyone. As long as you have a moderate fitness level you will be fit enough. Just don’t put in too much effort during the warm up; you might not have enough energy for the rest of the class!

Is it the same every week?
Each routine runs for three months, then changes so that you won’t get bored. This allows you to learn the routine, which means that once you have it sussed, you can put in even more effort. It helps that the music the workout is choreographed to is fun and enjoyable; there are songs you know and some songs you might not know, which you’ll be singing for the rest of the day!

Do I need to bring anything?
Each routine is extremely high powered, so you will need a bottle of water. It is best to wear gym clothes and sensible trainers, as there is a lot of moving about and you want to be comfortable and not get too hot. You may want a towel too as you will get very sweaty!

What if I go wrong?
There is no pressure with the class; if you get the moves wrong, miss a step, get your left and right mixed up, it does not matter. Just stop, have a look at the instructor and try to pick it back up. Everyone is concentrating on their own moves to realise if you have gone wrong.

So why should I take a class?
Body Combat is a great way to get fit, burning up to 600 calories per session. It is a lot more fun that a generic work out at the gym, and having people around you and an instructor infront of you makes you put in the little bit more effort.

Where can I take the class?
You can search for a class near you here.



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3 responses to “FAQ: Body Combat

  1. Sue Hooks

    Nice info on body combat – which class do you go to and when? I might join you xxxx

  2. Thanks Sue :)
    I’m actually a member of the Fitness First gym (the one just off Wessex Way) & I believe you do have to be a member to go to the Body Combat classes they hold. It’s on quite a few times a week though if you planned on joining that gym. I definitely recommend going though, it’s so much fun! There might be a class nearer to where you live? xxx :]

  3. I love body combat, thanks for introducing me :)

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