Top 10 Friends Episodes

Friends is one of the most popular, most loved and most watched sitcoms of the last 20 years.Created by Marta Kauffman and David Crane, the show revolves around six friends in New York City. The show began in 1994 and ran for 10 years.

Friends is one of my favourite television shows and I am always rewatching all 10 seasons, no matter how many times I have seen them.

During its course, the lives of Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey and Chandler were portrayed through 236 episodes and I have picked just 10 of my favourite episodes to share with you. (Something that is easier said than done!)

  1. The One Where Ross is Fine
    Having found Rachel and Joey kissing, Ross invites them over for a double date with him and Charlie. The night is extremely uncomfortable as Ross gets drunk and insists that he is “fine” with Joey and Rachel’s new relationship. During the episode we also see Monica and Chandler visit a couple who have adopted a boy. Not knowing that this is a secret, Chandler accidently tells the boy that he is adopted. Phoebe is visited by her younger brother, Frank Jr, with his triplets and confesses that he cannot cope with them.
    This is one of my favourites as I think Ross is at his funniest during this episode. There are several fantastic one liners and a brilliant speech about Love from Ross.

  2. The One with all the Thanksgivings
    The group reminsce over their worst Thanksgivings, with Phoebe’s going back to 1862. We see Joey with a turkey on his head, the reason why Chandler hates Thanksgivings so much and Monica’s worst Thanksgiving. Monica’s memory takes her back to when Ross and Chandler were in college, when Rachel had her real nose and when Monica was fat.
    I love this episode as it provides hilarious viewing of Monica, Rachel, Ross and Chandler as teenagers. Ross talks about his new girlfriend Carol who he says “plays for both teams!”, referencing Ross’s failed marriage to Carol, who later became a lesbian. The flashbacks take place over two years so we see Chandler call Monica “fat” during the first Thanksgiving and becoming attracted to her in the second Thanksgiving when she has become slim. However, Monica is still upset by Chandler calling her “fat” so decides to humiliate him… Resulting in his little toe being cut off!
  3. The One with All the Cheesecakes
    During this episode, Rachel and Chandler steal the deliveries of a tasty cheesecake from their neighbour’s doorstep. Pheobe is also visited by David, her ex-boyfriend who now lives in Russia.
    I love this episode because we  get to see the friendship between Chandler and Rachel, which we don’t usually get the chance to see. It’s really funny as the pair continue to fight over who gets to eat the cheesecake, which soon ends up on the floor. I particularly like when Rachel and Chandler are eating the cheesecake off of the floor when they are caught out by Joey… who pulls out a fork from his pocket and asks what they’re eating.
  4. The One Hundredth
    In this episode, Phoebe gives birth to the triplets. She has been a surrogate for Frank Jr and his wife, Alice. Joey is also hospitalised for kidney stones.
    This episode marks Friends 100th episode, and is a favourite of mine as we see Phoebe go through labour, deciding on which doctor she would like to deliver the babies… either a Fonzie from Happy Days obsessed doctor or a young doctor. The episode is hilarious throughout, but it sees Phoebe slightly struggle to give away the babies having carried them for nine months.

  5. The One Where Everybody Finds Out
    Monica and Chandler have been secretly dating for months, with Joey being the only other Friend to know of their relationship. (That they know of!) Rachel had recently found out, with Pheobe being the next to discover the secret. With so many people knowing, Joey wants to tell Monica and Chandler that they know, however Rachel and Phoebe have other ideas. They decide to let Phoebe flirt with Chandler to see if he cracks under the pressure and confesses that he is seeing Monica.
    I find this episode hilarious with all the secrecy and plotting. Monica and Chandler find out that everyone knows but decide to meddle with Phoebe as she flirts with Chandler. My favourite line comes from Phoebe where she says, “They don’t know that we know they know we know.” It just outlines how complicated the testing of each other has gone.
  6. The One with the Male Nanny
    One the quest for a nanny for baby Emma, Ross and Rachel intereview several prospective nannies who are all unsuccessful. They then interview Sandy… who Ross is surprised to see is actually male. Rachel loves Sandy and decides to hire him. However, Sandy is really sensitive which makes Ross uncomfortable. We also see Phoebe chose between her new boyfriend Mike and her old boyfriend David.
    This episode is one of my favourites because of the amazing guest stars who appear. Sandy is played by Freddie Prinze Jr, Mike by Paul Rudd and David by Hank Azaria. The guest stars almost steal away the limelight from the main cast during the th episode of the series.
  7. The One with the Prom Video
    Ross is still trying to prove to Rachel that he loves her but is failing miserably. It is not until Monica is watching an old home video of her and Rachel’s prom that shows Ross’s true feelings for Rachel and how long they have been held. We see Rachel’s prom date not turn up and Ross getting ready in order to surprise her by being her date instead. However, Rachel’s date eventually turns up and we see Ross looking disappointed and heartbroken. Rachel is touched by what Ross did for her and kisses him, forgiving him for everything he did to her in previous episodes.
    I love this episode as we see the start of Ross and Rachel’s relationship, a key factor in the entire series of Friends. The video is hilarious as we, once again, Ross, Rachel and Monica as teenagers. 

  8. The One Where Paul’s the Man
    Ross has been dating one of his students, Elizabeth, much to her Dad, Paul’s disapprovement. Elizabeth suggests that she and Ross go to her family’s mountain cabin in secret for a weekend away. However, Paul has begun dating Rachel and he has had the same idea. Whilst trying to hide from Paul, Ross witnesses Paul talking to himself in his mirror, telling himself that he is “the man”, going on to do an embarrassing sing and dance. During this episode, the girls visit a museum in which they hear holds weddings but has a two year waiting list. Phoebe and Rachel convince Monica to put her & Chandler’s name down and if in two years they’re not planning on getting married, they can just cancel the reservation. Chandler receives a call from the wedding coordinator at the musuem and tells him that there has been a cancellation and they can hold their wedding their earlier. He freaks out and tells Monica that she should have waited for him to ask, in which she replies by saying that she didn’t mean anything by it. Monica then leaves the room and Phoebe enters, with Chandler telling her that he is going to propose to Monica.
    This is one of my favourite episodes as Paul’s (played by Bruce Willis) embarrasing dance never fails to make me laugh with each viewing. I also love that we get to see Chandler grow up slightly and become less afraid of committment to Monica. It makes me really exicted about the lead up to the proposal in the season finale.
  9. The One Where No One’s Ready
    This episode is set in real time which sees the gang getting ready for Ross’s museum fundraiser event where he is giving a speech. However, Ross is annoyed at the group for not being ready on time. We see Joey steal Chandler’s chair and put on all of his clothes, Phoebe have hummus spilt on her dress, Monica hack in to her ex-boyfriend’s voicemail machine and Rachel unable to pick an outift.
    The fact that this episode is set in real time makes it a stand out episode for me. There’s some really funny moments, particularly involving Joey and Chandler’s war over the chair they both want to sit in.

  10. The One With the Rumour
    It’s Thanksgiving and Monica invites over an old school friend, Will, who also used to be really overweight like Monica. It turns out that Will did not get along with Rachel during high school, however Rachel cannot remember him and finds him attractive. Will is unkind to Rachel during the episode and we later discover that he and Ross were members of the “I hate Rachel Green club” and that they spread a rumour about Rachel. We find out that they told the rest of the school that Rachel was a hermaphrodite, which she is upset about and claims that she cannot believe that Ross did that as she was nothing but nice to him during high school. Monica then reminds her that that is not true and informs her of the rumour that Rachel spread about Ross; telling everyone that he made out with the school’s 50 year old librarian. Ross reveals that this is true and he and Rachel begin to argue. During the argument they reveal to Will that they are having a baby together which he cannot believe.
    Brad Pitt guest stars in this episode as Will, who at the time was married to Jennifer Aniston, providing great comedy as someone who hated Rachel.


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3 responses to “Top 10 Friends Episodes

  1. FrankieH

    The subjects of all your posts is amazing, just from the title I think to myself ‘I must read this one’. I haven’t actually seen 6. The one with the male nanny, but am definitely going to have to watch it now after reading about it. I’m not sure quite how you managed to pick just 10 episodes, but great choices :)

  2. Yasmin E

    Great choices Nicola, I don’t even know how you managed to pick 10 episodes. I see the Brad Pitt episode is in there, nice work. :) I’m starting to think about my 10 favourite episodes now, and I don’t think i’d be able to narrow it down to 30.

  3. I’m must stress how hard it was to come up with 10… even 20 would have been a difficult task!
    I could have easily told the world what I love about every episode- but that might have taken a while! x

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