Best Song of 2010?

During 2010 we have seen some brilliant varieties of music grace the UK Top 40
There have been some real stand out songs, with the UK population going crazy over certain songs… some really unlikely ones too. (Yolanda Be Cool anyone?) 

The Guardian has just announced its best track of 2010 as voted for by Guardian music critics.  Surprisingly they have voted Robyn’s song “Dancing on my Own” as their best song of 2010, which reached number 8 in the UK Singles Chart. 

So is this really the best song of 2010? 

There have been a lot of songs that I have absolutely loved this year and many of those I think would have been potentially better winners of the Guardian best track of 2010. 

So here’s a run down of some of my favourite songs of the year!

The main stand out track of the year, for me is Eminem feat. Rihanna- Love The Way You Lie. I never get bored of this song, I can listen to it constantly. I personally thought this song would have won the Guardian award.

Another song that I thought would be a potential candidate for the Guardian best track of 2010 award is B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams- Airplanes. People went mad for this song over the summer, raving over it before it had even been released. It got to number in the UK Singles Chart which I think was truly deserved.

I really enjoyed Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are. It’s a rather cheesy song, but you can’t deny that it’s a lovely one too. I think every girl in the world who heard this song hoped that someone would sing it to them one day!

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry has made it into my list too. I’ve always been a fan of Katy Perry & I’m lucky enough to have tickets to see her in March 2011. I thought California Gurls with Snoop Dogg was the song of the summer, but loved the second release Teenage Dream from the album of the same name.

I think it’s also been a great year for Rihanna; some of the tracks from her Rated R album were still being released in 2010, but it’s the songs from the new Loud album that have made my list. The two singles that have been released have been great, so both are considered part of my top songs of 2010. Only Girl In The World and What’s My Name feat. Drake are two songs that stick in your head all day long but ones that I never tire of.

Finally, my artist of the year is Ellie Goulding. She was named top of the BBC Sound of 2010 list as one to watch and it’s been a fantastic year. I think all of Ellie’s songs are great and I absolutely love her voice. It’s hard not to pick all of her songs to feature in my top songs but I’m going to pick The Writer and of course, her beautiful cover of Elton John’s Your Song.

So there it is… my top songs of 2010. I could have included so many more songs in the list but it would have been a really long!

What songs were your favourites of 2010? Do you think Robyn was a deserving winner of the Guardian best track?

A great round up of the songs of 2010 comes from DJ Earworm, who mixes together a number of songs from the Top US Billboard 100 hits and creates a new 5 minute track which gets released each New Year’s Eve.



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6 responses to “Best Song of 2010?

  1. I agree with you – I don’t agree with Robyn.. I can’t even say I know that song very well. However, you have made some good choices. It seems Rihanna can do no wrong.. I also love the DJ Fresh Gold Dust song at the moment!

  2. FrankieH

    Great blog :)
    I agree with you that Robyn didn’t deserve the title of ‘best song of 2010’ but alongside your choices I think I do like it as much. Although before reading the blog, I don’t think it would have even come to mind as one of my favourites. I’ve loved Eliza Doolittle and Ellie Goulding this year and I think we will still be talking about Rhianna at the end of 2011.

    • Eliza Doolittle is one person I’d completely forgotten about actually, Pack Up was definitely one of my songs of the summer. I think she’ll get bigger as 2011 goes on… and yes I think Rihanna will always be here to stay! x

  3. Yasmin E

    I must be completely out the 2010 loop, because I am almost certain I don’t even recognize that Robyn song, and after listening to it (unless it’s a grower) it has to be said I’m not a fan.
    Rihanna has outdone herself this year and her Loud album is a favourite from 2010.
    My favourite songs to come out of 2010 were Billionaire – Travie McCoy, Fireflies – Owl City, F*ck You – Cee Lo Green, also agreeing with you on Ellie Gouldings ‘Your song’ and Rihanna and Eminem ‘Love the Way you Lie’.
    My guilty pleasure of 2010 was without fail Willow Smith -Whip My Hair.

    • With each comment I remember another song I forgot to include!! Two in your case, Yas!
      Cee-Lo was a track that I absolutely LOVED this year & I cannot believe that I forgot to include it!
      I also became far too obsessed with Willow Smith’s song, it’s hard to believe she’s just 10 years old… what will she be like when she’s 20? x

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