You Can Run, Episode 1

Here is the opening to a script I wrote as one of my assignments for Writing for the Media.
It is about a family who have been put in to Witness Protection after witnessing and being involved in an incident.


The HARPERS are sat in a police interview room. Five year old CHARLIE is sat on 18 year old
ELLIE’s lap. Parents SHARON and DAVID are sat either end of the large table. The 15 year old twins,
RYAN and DAISY are sat to the right of ELLIE and CHARLIE. The family look scared and nervous as they wait for a POLICE OFFICER to enter the room. A POLICE OFFICER finally enters, carrying documents and folders. ELLIE sniffs and tries to distract herself by playing with CHARLIE. SHARON wipes her eyes and RYAN reaches out to hold her hand.

I’ve got all of your new documents. It’s a long process I’m afraid,
but we’ll get through it and get you up to date so you know what
will be happening when you leave the station. Once we’re finished up
there’ll be a car to take you to your new location.


It’s a bright sunny day; The HARPERS are being put in to two large black cars. We see the cars drive
down the road.

3              INT. CAR 1- FLASHBACK               

Inside the dark car, SHARON is clutching DAISY and they are both crying. ELLIE is staring out of the
window, tears filling her eyes.

4              INT. CAR 2- FLASHBACK

Inside another dark car; DAVID, RYAN and CHARLIE are sat in silence. RYAN is picking at a loose thread on his jumper.

DADDY, I know we’re going on an adventure… but are NAN and
GRAMPS going to come and find us?

I’m afraid they can’t CHARLIE. I’m sorry.

DAVID pulls CHARLIE in for a tight hug and gently pats RYAN’s knee to show his support.



We see a family sat around at the family dinner table. There are bright coloured birthday banners all
over the walls, birthday cards lining the window sill. There are several balloons tied to the wall, with two large helium balloons- emblazoned with large 16s on them. We soon learn that the family sat at the table are the HARPERS who we saw sat in the police interview room, being given new documents…  The room is a perfect family setting. The table is neatly set, with large food dishes covering the surface of the table. The telephone rings, LIZ answers.

Oh hi love! Everything okay with you? Yeah, good. Okay, yeah.
Yes. They’re here. I’ll put you on speaker for them.

KATY (on the telephone)
Hi Chris! Hi Ashley! Happy birthday guys!

Hi! Thanks!

I am so sorry that I’m not there to celebrate your big sixteenth birthday. I am honestly so bored sat here writing this essay. You know, Chaucer… not that interesting! [KATY laughs]

That’s okay. I hope it’s going alright? When will you next be home?

We continue to hear KATY talking to ASHLEY, CHRIS and HARRY on the telephone. LIZ and MARK are walking from the kitchen and the dining room taking dishes and glasses in and out of the rooms. LIZ walks in to the kitchen and MARK follows.

Are you alright love? You seem a bit emotional? They’re only sixteen you know, they’ll be pestering us for years yet!

Oh no, I’m fine. I just… I just can’t believe it’s been a year.

I know, but look how well we’ve managed. We rarely have slip ups now. We’ve settled in well. No one would even guess that we have a past. We’re doing fine.

Giving each other a hug, MARK kisses the top of LIZ’s head. Then LIZ and MARK bring in a large birthday cake from the kitchen. KATY’s conversation with the TWINS comes to an end and the rest of the WRIGHTS begin to sing a chorus of happy birthday to CHRIS and ASHLEY. ASHLEY begins cutting the cake and passes a slice to HARRY. The family scene is so idyllic and happy.  We hear something coming through the letterbox. LIZ exits the room and we follow her to the front door where she picks up two birthday cards. LIZ’s face is the picture of horror when she looks at the names addressed on the cards. The names RYAN HARPER and DAISY HARPER are scrawled across the front. Standing in shock for a minute, panic spreads across LIZ’s face. She gathers herself together and walks through to the dining room.

MARK, in here

LIZ and MARK walk in to the kitchen and she hands him the cards. He turns them over in his hands and then opens each card. We see that each simply reads: HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY. MANY HAPPY RETURNS…

What are we going to do? We just said we’d be fine. I really thought we’d moved away from all this. I thought this nightmare was finally over. I can’t. I just can’t bear the thought of it all being dragged back up again.

I know.

MARK puts the cards back in to their envelopes and stashes them into a cupboard drawer. He pulls LIZ in for a hug.

I know honey. But we’ll contact CAMPBELL and let him know. We may have to move again. It might be the only option if someone has found out about us.

But why would they send this? It’s sick. It’s BRADY. I must be. There’s no other—

The phone rings. HARRY has answered and has walked in to the kitchen with the receiver.

It’s KATY. She wants to speak to you DADDY.

Thanks boy. Go back and eat some more cake yeah?

HARRY passes MARK the phone and he looks at LIZ worryingly.

Everything alright love? I thought you had work to be finishing?


KATY is pacing around a small bedroom- a university halls of residence room. We can see her desk, covered in books, notepads and stationary. There are photos all over the walls and a small bed with a teddy sat in the middle. Her laptop is open and we can see it is on Facebook.

KATY (on the phone)
DAD, I’ve just been on Facebook and I’ve been sent a private message. There’s no photo and they’re using a fake name- it says it’s from “JOE BLOGGS”. When I click their name it doesn’t say that we have any friends in common and all of their friends have fake sounding names too…

KATY- what does the message say…?

“I know you. You’re not KATY WRIGHT are you? You’re ELLIE HARPER. Why are you lying? You know you can’t run…”


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